Privacy Policy

Effective 2023-11-08

  1. Hosting & Data Collection The public components of this site are hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Storage and Github Pages. As part of its hosting services, GCP or Github may collect and use access data related to your visit. We do not have control over how GCP uses this data, but it's part of their standard operations for all files that they host.
  2. Analytics We use Google Analytics to better understand site usage and visitor behavior. Google Analytics collects information on how you interact with our site, including what pages you visit, and characteristics of your device, but we do not have direct access to individual data points. To learn more about how Google Analytics processes and protects your data, please refer to Google Analytics' Privacy Policy.
  3. No Additional Tracking Aside from the mechanisms mentioned above, our site does not record any information about your visit or identify you in any way. We prioritize your privacy and ensure minimal data collection for a smooth browsing experience.