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While internet platforms might look like they're incredibly complex, in reality there are a small number of fundamental features that are common across platforms. This commonality exists because we as users struggle to adopt different tools on different platforms. Instead, we become accustomed to a few standard ways of interacting with platform services, and carry this understanding with us as we traverse the internet. Platforms design for this preference, building features based on patterns already in use elsewhere, which has the effect of homogenizing functionality across platforms. This reuse and standardization of features benefits users, making sites easier to navigate. It also reveals common vulnerabilities and patterns of abusive behavior across platforms.

The name of this site (Focus on Features) stems from this observation. While platforms are more numerous than we could possibly grapple with individually, the features that platforms create are both small in number and vehicles along which abuse can be consistently identified, analyzed and stymied.

A platform proactively inserting content into a user's view.
The capacity for users to initiate outgoing payments or receive incoming ones.
Individuals' ability to represent themselves in a digital space.
Feedback Aggregation
Collecting user feedback, and condensing it into quantitative scores.
Responses to primary content, or other comments.
File/Link Sharing
The capacity of one user to publish or share files or links with other users.
Enable users to exchange text in real time.
Locating and ranking content to be responsive to a user's query.
Allows a user to receive by request another channel's novel content.
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