Why I Built This

I (Grady)
built this because...

I've become skeptical
that Content Moderation is well suited to preventing most harm on the internet. Companies, press, and regulators focus on
content moderation
as a solution to harmful speech, but this obscures the more structural cause: platform design and business models that encourage and invite harm.

This site illuminates these connections by collecting interventions, both voluntary and regulatory, that could reduce the harms platforms can cause.

This guide is not an instruction manual, but a

. This site is incomplete, opinionated, and overbroad -
help me improve it
. As always, I want to hear your critiques, your dystopian fears, your random ideas that might just work.

Let's build a better internet.


P.S. If you have opinions on this site, positive or negative, I'd appreciate you writing about them. Whether it's a private message , a think piece, an op-ed, or a no-holds-barred teardown, I want to hear it. Conversation moves us forward.